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  1. Dear Marcos, after two years (sic!) I still have the same problem! Please, somebody help!
  2. Any news? In fact, Russia website cannot renew the licenses obtained in the US. But the US website keeps forwarding me to the Russian website (although I am not in Russia) without any chance to switch to the international site :-) Whover put this logic into eset.com was a senseles xxx. But whover did not fix it for the last two years is a irresponsible xxx.
  3. Thanks, Marcos. I will send my username to you. However, what you say does not make sense, sorry. ESET did not ask for my passport while I was buying their product in the US. The link shown in the user interface of the product hxxp://go.eset.eu/renew?lng=1033&dguid=19&user=EAV-XXXXXXXX does not work "Error 404". General renewal page is redirected to the Russian website (without asking any username), which means that ESET website enforces this stupid redirect based on geographical location by IP-address. This does not make sense either.
  4. For many years I am an ESET customer. But last time I wanted to prolong my license, a stupid problem occurred. hxxp://www.eset.com/int/renew sends me directly to hxxp://shop.esetnod32.ru/catalogue/home/ which is a website exclusively in Russian. What is more ridiculous is that their tech service do not speak any English and rudely demand to write in Russian... most funny is the fact that two years ago I already reported the problem to ESET, and had to call the technician in the US to make a payment on my behalf - two years passed - ESET still thinks that I should learn Russian to be their customer... Only an [snip] may think that whoever enters the Internet from Azerbaijan should speak Russian. Please fix it - at least give your customers a chance to select where they renew licenses online. Thank you for your understanding.
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