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  1. In all previous versions 4-5-6-7 my score at IPV6 connectity was 20/20 .With v8 and i tried every settings my score is lower 15/20. The only way to recover my 20/20 score on that site hxxp://ipv6-test.com/ is to DISABLE FIREWALL. I tried a lots of site to test IPv6 and i got the same results on all site...ipv6 score is lower than v7 ess If i let the firewall running and i only disable Zombies ###### and IDS ###### i stay with the same score 15/20 I repeat, v8 broke IPv6 connectivity Sticking with V7 for until my license expired( 3 weeks) and im gonna look for another security Do test g
  2. Hi!. in all previous version of ESS 4,5,6,7 when i look in my settings of my router in Upnp POrt forwardind , there is nothing....all is blank with no logs.(except when i use Utorrent , but when i close it with ESS 8 i got UDP port open for all my device in my home network Is this an issues or just normal?
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