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  1. Hello Marcos, Indeed, just discovered the that the context menu has a different profile (an overkill even for me, but why not). Changed the option, now it detects the file and says "action selection postponed until scan completion". Scan is over, i click OK and that is. No option is given to me for action on detected file (e.g. repair, delete, ignore)?
  2. Here is how to reproduce: 1. Set On demand scanner "Cleaning level" to "No cleaning" 2. Disable real time scanner 3. Create EICART test file (open notepad ducument, enter "X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$H+H*", save the file) 4. In Computer/Windows Explorer, right click on the EICART file and select "Scan with ESET Smart Security" NOD32 will detect and clean the file automatically without asking user first, which is exactly the opposite to what the options state. It extremely annoying and actually very broken, especially when some file can't be recov
  3. I am having trouble to reproduce the issue, which is very strange because usually it happen every time NOD32 real time is running. Will post back when have more info.
  4. Thank you Marcos and Javier, I can see that Themida is protecting the .exe. and saving it, but after that, the save file is the original unprotected one (source dest are the same). We have tried to uncheck the file creation NOD32 option, however its inconclusive, sometimes it works, some times not, and again, nothing is logged in NOD32 logs, which is even more odd. The issue is observed on 3 different machines. We use Themida on the command line. Can NOD32 behaviour be affected by that? I will try to make an example script to reproduce the issue using Themida demo version
  5. I already did that twice, never got a response from them. Got some one on Twitter from NOD32 that oriented me to this forum,
  6. Hi Marcos, Thank your for your answer. Will try that, however it does not answer one important point. Why NOD32 does not alert me and ask me what to do? The only way form me to know that it has blocked the file is for me to test if the files is protected (source and destination file is the same). Unfortunately I have many directories (tens). Its just pain in the *** if I have to do that manually. I really need NOD32 to ask me so I can use its dialog to ignore the directory/file.
  7. Hi I am computer programmer. One of the reasons we have selected NOD32 antivirus is because its not a noob oriented dumb down version and its highly configurable. That is, it can be configured to prompt for decisions and not take them always alone. My issue however is just that in some cases, with "Cleaning level" to "No cleaning", NOD32 still intercepts files and forbids to be written to disk without any prompt, no log entry, even the program that writes the file its not aware the file was not written. Very specific case. I protect the programs that I make using Themida protector,
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