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  1. It seems that Novastor is not quite Windows 8.1 (pro) compatible. I've also installed Novastor in Windows 7 and there it works. In Windows 8.1 i've installed and uninstalled Novastor several times but it still doesn't work. The service keeps telling Starting or Stopping. I also tried by changing the startup-status to manual. After rebooting the service was still starting instead of "in execution"(in Dutch: Wordt uitgevoerd). Now I've definitely uninstalled Novastor from Windows 8.1 and i'm trying it from the other side: via the IP-adres. I hope this will work.
  2. Since a few days I can't backup or restore from my NAS. The service-screen keeps telling "Starting" or "Stopping". In ESS 7 I've, as far as I know, opened the port (22936). Novastor keeps telling there is "no connection with engine" (quote "connecting to engine", after a few minutes: Unable to allocate the backup engine). In Services (Windows 8.1 pro) there is no possibility to Stop, start or restart the service. It have been working and I have made backups. I don't now what has been changed in the meantime. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?
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