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  1. How about running smart security firewall in learning mode for a while? If Flex LM causes IDS warnings of something like that, you can check IDS exceptions and then make a custom rule for that and then move the rule first on the list. Flex LM is a one of the modern software protection schemes around. It uses many techniques to contact license server(s).
  2. Hello, When browsing on the net as usual, one site caused Fbook.JS trojan. ESS8 made an popup, but allowed the site load and that javacript to load. After that, when i check ESS8 firewall logs, and with in an hour, there are over 400 UDP attempts from random ip's to port 53750. Thats was my utorrent port. My utorrent was even running. I've seen this before, when Eset pop up comes "disconnect" the site and malware loads newerheless As for the memory protection of ESET, it's better than rivals one. I've read that hackers use ESET because of that. Kindest regards, -a
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