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  1. Thank Marcos, what is the best way to make the email notification a successful feature request? Our block list looks like this: # {"product":"endpoint","version":"8.1.0","path":"plugins.01000200.settings.stProtocolFiltering.stUrlLists.2.strAddresses"} *?.exe *.*.exe *.docm *.xlsm *.pptm *.vbs *.bat *.wsf *.rar *.winzip.com
  2. I want an email when a client attempts to download an executable. We are using URL Address Management in Web & Email via /era/webconsole/#id=POLICIES to block executable downloads. I have tried configuring notifications via /era/webconsole/#id=NOTIFICATIONS, but haven't stumbled on the correct solution. We block the download, the client sees: Website blocked The web page is on the list of blocked websites specified by the user. Access to it has been blocked. Please help
  3. Is using the secure browser for all browsing - shopping / social media / search etc a bad idea? My initial reaction was "Yes, it's a bad idea, you will end up with a polluted sandbox", but now I am not so sure.
  4. I like the proxy idea, in particular, if we are able to use CloudFlare to proxy the traffic, we would pick up quite a few benefits. For example CloudFlare will block known bad actors, significantly reduce the likelihood of DoS attacks and allow us to easily restrict access to known networks based on ASN &/or geography. The ASN issue is quite helpful, we see some adversaries come in via local Internet providers, however the vast majority attack from overseas or via data centers such as Azure, DIgital Ocean etc. Is there a step by step recipe for this use case?
  5. We self-host ESET Security Management Center, forwarding only port 2222 to the ESMC box, all other activities are restricted to the local LAN. Anyone care to describe how safe we are from the evil-doers of the world? We are considering putting ESMC on a VPN, but would like some assurance that this isn't necessary. Looking at /era/webconsole/#id=DETECTIONS, it is clear evil-doers are trying to penetrate our beloved security system.
  6. Thanks itman. This morning, my Chrome results concur with your Firefox results. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case, and it begs the question - why isn't one of the largest financial institutions opening in ESB ?
  7. PNC, Citi, USBank, Chase are four of the 10 largest US Banks, it seems these should be included.
  8. I never know if the ESET Secure Browser (ESB) will be spawned. For example this morning it was spawned when I went to pnc.com, but not citi.com. Other times citi.com will trigger ESB, but not usbank.com. Still other times usbank.com, but not chase.com. How can we make sure ESB is triggered 100% of the time? It doesn't inspire confidence in the ESET stack. ESET Endpoint Security 8.1.2031.0 managed via ESET Management Agent 7.2.1266.0, Chrome Version 91.0.4472.164 (Official Build) (64-bit), Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19043.1110]
  9. We purchase directly from eset. I see Bitwarden is one of the accepted password managers, Bitwarden is the password manager we recommend when clients don't want to use LastPass. I completely agree and applaud the blocking of extensions in secure browser. It is the lack of documentation that causes heart-burn.
  10. itman, you points are well-taken, however the day is going to come when a client wants to use their password manager to log into their bank and for whatever reason hates LastPass (actually there are a few reasons to hate LastPass starting with the PE firm holding title to the code) they will then say John what extension can I use. I will not have an answer. It seems like a silly eset position to take.
  11. Thankfully, I find LastPass is loaded with the Secure version of Chrome, other extensions are not. Is a list of acceptable extensions documented somewhere? Can this list be edited. For example, what if I have a client using Bitwarden and we find out, it's not on the list of acceptable extensions. What to do?
  12. I setup secure browser yesterday, after several reboots, I find: https://iop.intuit.com opens a secure browser https://intuit.com does not What the heck?
  13. Does documentation exist to describe what's needed when adding sites to the secure browser list? For example will "netteller.com" include all the variations of netteller.com and the hundreds of banks that use their services?
  14. That's confusing. The url shows a connection to sb.eset.com/...... Why wouldn't it be secure? Everything on an eset.com should be secure, however, it seems sb.eset.com is not secure - that's a problem.
  15. We are using Remote Administrator to manage endpoint security - that's probably what's meant by "IT Administrator" My screenshot is from Chrome - it looks like you have the same issue. Your padlock has a red slash through it.
  16. Can we get a list of financial services websites included in the "Secure online banking and payment pages" category? What is the best way to get sites added to the list, for example https://chase.com isn't included Is it possible to say "don't protect" specific institutions, for example, let's assume there is a smallish bank with a site that doesn't work well with Secure Browser, how do we say use native Chrome for littlebank.com?
  17. This is a bad look, can someone install a certificate on sb.eset.com?
  18. I installed endpoint security 8.0.2028.0 on my computer. When I click "ESET Secure Browser", nothing seems to happen. What is supposed to happen when I select that shortcut?
  19. Our MacOS clients running ESET Endpoint Security are getting a Legacy System Extension popup. When should we expect an update to clear this issue?
  20. Thanks Michal, I deactivated pc47006, waited until it showed up as a problem in ESMC, then activated it in ESMC, same issue: At this point, I'll ignore the issue and see what if any impact it has on our clients.
  21. Perfect - using this report I was able to deactivate the seat after determining its origin.
  22. PS: He's in my database, however a few searches yielded no useful (based on my current knowledge) information:
  23. In msp.eset.com I see an unrecognized device: So, I go to ESMC & search for this computer: I am rewarded with "No results found": How do I track down this device?
  24. More weirdness 46740 is a multiple, then it isn't:
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