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  1. I am backup up my machines with Retrospect Backup software. This software is backing up all my Windows machines perfectly, except for two newer machines. The difference between these newer machines and the older ones is that they are using UEFI boot. The backup is indicating it is not able to backup the UEFI partition properly. After some troubleshooting in cooperation with support from Retrospect it turns out that ESET's real-time scanning is somehow blocking the backup agent from accessing the UEFI partition. As soon as I disable real-time scanning during backup the backup works. Is there a way that I can exclude the backup agent from being blocked by real-time scanning? The backup agent is a service running on the client machines.
  2. Hi, thanks for answering. I will monitor the program a litte more closely the coming days to see if the problem returns. It has worked flawlessly for months so I am suprised it suddenly stopped scanning. It never showed this behaviour before.
  3. Today I updated various app's on my Android Phone. I always install updates manually, not automatic. I noticed that Eset was not scanning the updated apps after installation. I opened the Eset App to see what was wrong and was greeted with a dialog asking me to rate the app. The only way to continue was to rate the app. I could not cancel the rating dialog. According to the logs the app has not scanned anything on my phone for more than 14 days. It did not run the scheduled scans and did not scan updated / installed apps in that same period. I presume that it stopped scanning because it was waiting for the rating to be finished. After rating the app everything looks to be working again. In my opinion it is not Ok that scanning stops because of this rating-dialog.
  4. Solved it. Turned out it had nothing to do with ESET. Samsung also has a SIM card change detection mechanism built in. So this mechanism was sending the texts, not ESET.
  5. First posted this in wrong forum section. Sorry for that. I changed the SIM card in my phone. I added the new SIM card to the list of allowed SIM cards and deleted the old SIM from the list. According to the phone everything is fine. Now ESET keeps on sending texts to the trusted phone. Almost every day the trusted phone receives a text stating that the SIM card in my phone has changed. How can I turn these texts of? I already tried turning off the SIM card detection and turning it on again. I also entirely switched off Anti-theft. Next option would be to remove the phone from MyEset and re-adding it.
  6. Edit: Sorry posted in wrong forum section. Please ignore.
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