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  1. I do not understand why this step is necessary. If a test is run from the web portal, it should work without having a popup on the device. Thanks, Corey
  2. Since the device and service have a "locate" ability, I do not feel that locating a device is a mis-use of the service.
  3. Nope. There are other instances where you may want to find your phone without letting the person using it that you are locating it. 1) Let's say you work in an office and someone is taking your phone and doing something with it. If the person is alerted that the phone is locked, they will put it down and you will never know who did it. If you can locate it and take pictures of the user without locking it, you find out who is doing it and can confront them about it. 2) I travel, and there may be cases when my wife wants to see where I am or if I am stuck in traffic. I do not mind if she
  4. Actually that did not work. When I marked the device as missing, ESET locked the device and put a "Device is Locked" lock screen on the device. I am saying that there are cases where you don't want to tip off a thief, and the way this works now, it will. There should be a separate option to locate and a option to lock.
  5. Really? I didn't know that. I will have to check that out. Thanks!!!
  6. I like the idea to hide the anti-theft requests from the phone. There may be cases where a user may want to locate their device but not alert the person who has the phone that they are locating it. If the missing device shows that it is being monitored, it tips off the thief, which is not wanted in some cases. I would like to see the ability to locate mobile devices without locking it, alerting it, or asking for permission. The same with all anti-theft devices for that matter.
  7. What happens now if you re-install Chrome 64bit? I have run ESET and Chrome 64 with no issues so I am curious to see what happens now that you know the 32 bit version works.
  8. Sorry, but this is not the sense of ESET Anti-Theft. Maybe, but many other "anti-theft" services from other AV vendors provide this functionality that I suggested ESET adopt. Locking the device would still be an option, and could work just as it does now. This would just add the option to locate the device.
  9. Feature Request: I think it would be great if we could locate a device without having to mark it as lost or stolen. This would allow us to be able to look at the location of the device on a map without having to lock it. Usage Example: Sometimes I have to drive good distances for work, and my wife would like to check on my progress coming home. It would be easier for her to be able to look at the location of the phone on-line without it being locked.
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