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  1. Thanks for the replies. I went back and tried the activation again, and this time it was successful. Chalk it up to operator error. Thanks again!
  2. I recently won a one-year license to Eset Smart Security through a You-Tube giveaway promotion. I downloaded Smart Security 6, attempted to activate the license, and the activation failed. I went back and checked, and I noticed that the giveaway license was actually for ESS 7, not 6. So, am I to understand that licenses for 7 don't work in 6? Do I need to uninstall 6 and install the beta for 7 in order for the one-year license to work?
  3. Just installed Smart Security 7 Beta. Tweaked a few settings, so far, no issues whatsoever. Looks good and running smooth!
  4. I'm thinking about trying a trial of the latest release of Eset Smart Security. It's one of the few products I have never tried at all before. Question for long-time users - what are the primary advantages of ESS that you have found in using it over the years? What does it do well, in your experience? And what are the areas where you've encountered some problems, where perhaps it needs to be improved? And, finally, how have you found the customer service and support to be? Thanks in advance for you input!
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