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  1. Sorry, Mod... Reading a bit more, I noticed that some folks are using a "template" for their posts. Thought I'd do the same: How did you find the ESET Security Forum? Just bought myself ESS and decided to join the forum to learn more. Why? This is the first time I am trying out an ESET product, so would like to find out how other folks are using it, their findings and reviews. What OS are you running? Windows 7 x64 What AV are you running? Trend Micro Titanium What’s an interesting fact about you? Recently retired and enjoying life....or what's left.
  2. Hello, Recently read a good review on ESET Nod32 anti-virus and decided to buy myself a copy. Ended up with ESET Smart Security instead. Have been using Trend Micro Titanium on my old PC (Win7 x64) for several years now and hope no disappointments with this one. Also hope to be able to learn new security tips and what can be done to remain safe on the Net. Have a nice day, all.
  3. I recently purchased ESET Smart Security 3 license pack (for 2 years) and would like to find out the following: 1. Does the license activated (and count-down begins) at the point of installation/activation of the software? 2. Or the license is activated (and count-down begins) right after payment has gone through? Reason for asking is that my new PC is being built and I am not able to immediately install and use the software. I am concerned that the clock may already be ticking and I am losing out.
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