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  1. The issue seems to have stopped. This happened after 3 updates to Eset came down. The modules were: Detection Engine 23879, Rapid Response Module 18855, and a third one which seems to have disappeared from the module list today (it was there about 12 hours ago). - Tim -
  2. I tried a full reinstall, and at first it did stop the product updating anomaly, but less than 24 hours later and it's back. During that time the computer was off for several hours, on for a couple of hours, then shut down again. I just powered it up a few minutes ago, and the issue has returned. - Tim -
  3. I am current with all windows updates. I did check just now though, to make sure that was the case, - Tim -
  4. This issue is still going on with release I too find it very distracting having that icon animation running constantly. It is of little importance as nothing detrimental is happening, it is just very annoying. - Tim -
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