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  1. My version is up to date. I uninstalled it in safe mode and reinstalled it. It seems it works now.


    Anyway I do not really understand why it is not possible to check why a connection is blocked. If you have some rules, it is impossible to find out what is going on. Temporarily enabled/disabled rules cannot be seen.


    The log is useless. The log should display the reason why it blocks the connection. This is the goal of a log... This firewall could be a very good one, but the lack of admin tools, logs,... it is a shame...


    Anyway, thank you for your answer.

  2. Hi,


    A got a new computer (Win 8.1) and I intalled ESS. I changed the firewall to interacive mode (as I used it on my old computer).


    When I disable the firewall everythinkg works fine. When I enable it, after some seconds (actually less than 2 minutes I do not know exactly) it blocks all kind of network communication and I do not understand why. It is strange for me that the blocking does not take place immediatelly (I can search for something in Google), but after some seconds the internet is "turned off". So I am sure the ESS firewall blocks the network, but do not understand why.


    I turned on "Log all blocked connections" and I can see log entries like this:

    2014.09.29. 10:05:07    No application listening on the port    TCP

    To be honest this log entry is useless. I do not know which rule blocks the network and why.

    I cannot use the browsers, cannot ping...


    Thank you!


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