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  1. When I was a kid, my grandpa bought Norton Anti-Virus for me. A premium version of Malwarebytes was also acquired by him. Then a few years later, I find myself relying entirely on Windows Defender. Would a premium solution or a mix of solutions function better than Windows Defender in terms of detecting and cleaning up viruses and other malicious software? No, I'm not a newbie when it comes to computers or security, but I've never delved into anti-virus. last But Not Least before using Transcript for the first time, I wanted to clarify something about the Malware/Anti-Virus scans that are contained within Transcript. Thanks for your time. As a result, I have a number of files and applications (such Bitcoin miners, torrents, etc.) that are frequently flagged as false positives. In order to reduce the chance of accidentally deleting one of my usual apps when running an anti-virus check, can I select/choose which programmed are really removed? Are there any whitelists that I can set up if this is not feasible (and it just eliminates everything it finds)?
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