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  1. All, I am attempting to migrate our ESET RA 5.0 console and server from an old XP VM to a Hyper-V 2012 VM. I am following the instructions in this knowledge base article. I have run into two problems. 1. After installing the console app, I cannot start it. Attempting to start tells me that oledlg.dll is missing. 2. After installing the server, the server will not start due to a database issue. The following is from the server log file. <INIT_ERROR> Database table 'IDGenerator' is incorrect. <INIT_ERROR> Database problem ('C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Remote Administrator\Server\database\era.mdb','C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Remote Administrator\Server\database\era2.mdb'). These errors occurs immediately after installation prior to migrating any data. I have tried installing from our 5.0.x installation files and from the latest 5.2.x installation files. Any help would be appreciated.
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