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  1. haha, just hoping having it running doesn't drain the battery too much
  2. It's to do with User permissions and ability to run MSI files. I do know away around it however I don't deem it very safe so wouldn't like to instruct you as someone might have a safer way of doing it. You other option is to contact customer support and they should be able to help you. If you just Google the error codes although not specifically to do with ESS you should be able to find the answer but do so at your own risk. I did notice on someone's video about it they were running Norton so it might be related to some security settings it changes. Have you run the full uninstaller to ma
  3. Although I feel like I don't really need it did take them up the sale of their Mobile Security
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. (I feel like braking out into song here but I'll save you all)
  5. Think I would trust ESET over most companies and also I would like to point out that it's not ESET's fault as such because it's classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program so there for its not classifying it as malware so its up to the user. It's just making the user aware that this software might cause a problem
  6. I don't know where your from however you might be better off phoning the Tech Support. I know that there is a phone number in the UK at least. However could you possibly tell us what version of NOD 32 you are using and what operating system as we might be able to help you here.
  7. I personally disable the built in filter in Outlook. Comes down to personal preference I would of thought
  8. Glad to have helped I am sure if you have any problems there will be others and myself able to help.
  9. While doing a Smart Scan and leaving my PC to do its thing I noticed that Eset has found some a threat or two (Which are PUPs so I am not to worried). However because I was away from my PC the options to clean had already disappeared. So my question is with Strict Cleaning would that stop this? Also even if Strict Cleaning deletes a file will it still end up in Quarantine so can be restored if ESET gets it wrong?
  10. @Utini I have like you used both the above suites over the years and found the same issues as you have highlighted and while it might not feel as secure having all the rule bases the only thing I do with Smart Security is switch HIPS to Smart Mode and enable Potentially Unsafe Programs. I have found the program to be very light weight and haven't really felt the need for the firewall or hips to be interactive mode to set the rules. It is also the only suite that I have used for consecutive years so it must be doing something right. There is my two pence worth, I know in some respects it
  11. Also have you got Potentially Unsafe Applications and Potentially Unwanted Programs enabled? As the first option isn't enabled or asked about. The program might fit into those categories as it seems like its a crack.
  12. First and foremost welcome to the Eset Community and I hope you enjoy your stay. I would recommend keeping Mcaffee on your machine until you have downloaded Eset Smart Security from here: hxxp://www.eset.co.uk/Download/Software/Home after you've downloaded it then you can uninstall it and run the install of which you could just activate the trial. Although like many others here I wouldn't talk you out of using Smart Security but it gives you a chance to make sure the product is for you. (Although realistically you could uninstall Mcafee first as long as you knew you were only going to th
  13. Ah I would of thought the maximum the software would be waiting for a restart would be a couple of hours education would be a little wasted in this case I am afraid.
  14. I wouldn't disable any features if it was me. The only other thing is I have set a PC that I can't maintain myself to automatically download component updates but to never restart due to the fact the user would panic if something came up saying that they needed to restart. My main question is that it will install the update and then take effect the next restart? Not causing an issues with protection?
  15. No doubt I will be about, of the paid AV's I tried Trend Micro just because it had the best scores in the real-time protection test in AV Comparatives but it was so heavy on my machine even having a mid range gaming rig so after weighing everything up I am going to stay here for another year at least. Just got to decide how long to renew for in March
  16. @Swex I am a techy so know what I am doing with connections and stuff was more interested in what others were doing. I am quite happy for the firewall to sit there and do it for more, these days want a hassle free life on my own PC.
  17. Being a new Smart Security user I was wondering if there was any settings you changed from the default? Having used NOD32 for a year now I have changed it so that it regularly checks for version updates and automatically downloads component updates. Along with turning on the option for Scanning for Potential Unsafe Applications and Unwanted Applications. Along with changing the HIPS mode to Smart Mode I was just wondering if there was anything worth changing on the firewall or is Automatic ok? (And obviously anything else you think I could change to make it better.)
  18. This is a testament to how good Eset is. Normally I will get Itchy feet and want to change my security once a subscription is coming to an end but after testing out some free products and a few paid I have to say I will be staying with Eset and I've even upgraded from NOD32 to Smart Security even though don't think I need the upgrade it was just as cheap to upgrade and add another license than to stay on NOD32 and add another license. Admittedly when it comes to renewal in March it will be a little more expensive but I will be happily paying it. The reason I am posting this now is beca
  19. My best advice would be to download the offline installer and disconnect from the internet when installing it and it should solve that problem NOD 32: hxxp://www.eset.com/us/download/home/detail/family/2/#offline,136,ENU Smart Security: hxxp://www.eset.com/us/download/home/detail/family/5/#offline,136,ENU
  20. The Botnet protection would probably be the only reason for me to upgrade I think. However would the Antivirus not pick up before I get infected?
  21. Just out of interest I was wondering why you chose the full suite. Due to the fact that I am considering upgrading but not sure because I am behind a hardware firewall and never connect to any other networks with my machines so don't really see a need for the firewall. Unless you lot can convince me otherwise, which I am willing to keep an open mind. I just find it interesting to see why people choose the level of protection that they do. My reasoning is knowing that I am on a safe network, I didn't feel the need for the firewall and thought that the antivirus alone should keep me sa
  22. Well I can confirm that I have changed the hips to smart mode and haven't had any new pop ups. So I guess I will sit back and watch this space. Just trying to decide whether I really need to upgrade to Smart Security. I would say not as I am always on my home network and got a hardware firewall working for me. So unless you guys can give me a really good reason to upgrade think I am going to stick with just the antivirus
  23. Have you guys got any experience with smart mode I have been tempted to use it as opposed to automatic
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