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  1. Hi, In Eset Internet Security 10.1 I miss the functionality „Temporarily disable protection” (in German: „Schutz vorübergehend deaktivieren”) Is this wanted or a mistake? Thank you Kratong
  2. Hi, in this zip archive are 4 files. Please can you check it for malware? I have sent this per mail or in app uploader - this files are really clean? I have uploaded to virustotal.com : https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/fc1400e409c948933a413c4b03077d7d07021c452d92294fc33e3d2266c61883/analysis/1414424810/ Thanks Andy
  3. Download ESS 8 ➔ hxxp://www.eset.com/us/download/home/detail/family/5/#offline or hxxp://www.eset.com/us/download/home/detail/family/5/fileflag/8.0/#offline
  4. Hi, now I have re-install ESS 8 with "Internet protection module" (German: Internet-Schutz) 1144 (20141008) and I can view the website without problems ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  5. ESS 7.0.317.4 ➔ Internet protection module (German: Internet-Schutz) 1144 (20140909) (see schreenshot) ...or is 1150 (or higher) only for ESS 8?
  6. Hi, I switched back to ESS 7, that's why I asked if I can reinstall the version 8
  7. Hi Peter, Thanks for the infos and the fix. It there a time when I can reinstall ESS8 again - with "Internet protection module higher than 1147B"? Now, tomorrow or next week?
  8. I have make a gif animation hxxp://img5.picload.org/image/cdrlowr/amdess8_01.gif (22 MB) see, the pulldown menu isn't complete
  9. Hi, I have installed ESS8 again. The problem is the same as before. I waited for one or two minutes, but the site wasn't load completely. I have tested with Firefox 32.0.3 and Opera 25 and Chrome 37 All the same Is there a problem to load... "metrics.amd.com" - see picture 1 - or "s.ytimg.com"? Picture 1 with ESS8 an picture 2 with deactivated ESS8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ btw: what is "VSD version"?
  10. Hi I use ESET Smart Security 8.0 (see attachment) I can't open this website completely: hxxp://support.amd.com/de-de/download When I switch off the Firewall and virus scanner - I can now open this website completely. Should I switch back to Smart Security 7.0 or what can I do to solve the problem? Thank you Addition Now I have installed ESET Smart Security - 7.0.302.26 - and my problems are gone
  11. Hi, No, this is not the best way to send a sample. My email provider don't allow attachment with malicious content. So I think the built in upload tool or a website for upload files for testing is much better than email ! for example: https://analysis.avira.com/en/submit or https://su.gdatasoftware.com/us/sample-submission/ Zatong
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