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  1. Does that mean, Eset keeps saving to disk local webcam stream portions and constantly analyses them before they reach motion detection software? If that's the case, how I can add these streams to exemptions list for Realtime Protection? Also, why Eset reads from disk only 30% of what it writes as per Process Monitor stats? Daily virus DB updates are small and don't count into this. It appears, stream writes to disk are mostly done "just in case", while Eset mostly analyzes incoming stream in RAM, so it doesn't need to read back data just written to disk? In this case its either a bug, or
  2. Not sure if you understood me, but PerfectDisk prevents data fragments to be written to disk. It defragments data in RAM before its written to disk. Also, I was not talking about "disk activity" in general, but about Eset only write activity in particular.
  3. I've latest regularly updated ESS 10 installed and running on a Win10 64-bit PC. Looking at Process Explorer, it writes to system SSD about 3-4GB/day, but reads back only 1-1.5GB/day. An obvious question is, what exactly ESS writes to disk? Why it reads less than writes? Can such writes be done into RAM instead of SSD to prevent the SSD wear for no valid reason? To add some info, I've PerfectDisk defrag running in "prevent fragmentation" mode. Also ongoing LAN traffic from security cams, which is not saved to disk by CAM software, but processed in RAM to detect motion. Also web browsers -
  4. Marcos, Pls ask to add to ESS 9 proper certificate formats Opera 12 can import. Opera 12 browser is still supported by te company and very popular with users, recently it was updated from Opera 12.17 to 12.18 version with security SSL updates. Please also contact also Opera software, asking them to add new Eset certificate formats to supported by Opera types. Here are SSL certificate formats, Opera 12.18 supports:
  5. After latest Eset 9 update, Pause Firewall option now stably shown on LMC on ESS icon in Tray.
  6. Hi Marcos, I did that twice, but nothing changed both times. Besides, Opera eventually crashes when there are too many such Security Issue popups, or they stay for too long without being closed. It never happen with Eset 8. How I can manually copy that certificate - from what source folder to what destination? I tried Export - Import, but Eset says: "The associated private key cannot be found". And Opera can't import the exported cert, since it doesn't have the private key for it. Besides, Opera 12 doesn't offer to import any cert format exported by Eset 9.
  7. After installing ESS 9.0.375.0 in Win 10 64-bit I started having problems with SSL certificates in one of web browsers I use - Opera 12.17. No other programs are affected, but there are multiple various Eset SSL Certificate error popups on almost every webpage open in Opera, and on many html emails accessed with Opera email client. Pls explain how to stop it, or update ESS ASAP, since many users complain about SSL issues here with various programs. Opera 12 browser conveniently provides web browser and email client under one app, and there is no substitution for Opera fans. I don't want to
  8. I recently updated to ESS 9.0.375.0 on Win 10 64bit unbranded desktop, and noticed one unpleasant bug: Pause Firewall option is no longer visible among ESS icon RMC Menu options in System Tray. The only relevant option shown is Pause Protection. However, once I pause protection, Pause Firewall and Block All Network Traffic options become visible. I don't observe this bug on my Win 10 64-bit laptop, it shows all above options in System Tray for the same version ESS icon. Can someone suggest, if it can be fixed on the user end?
  9. Is it possible in the next ESS version to add "Remove Threat" or "Select Action" button to a last scan log of each scan type, even if a user did not select any action immediately after the scan was completed and instead rebooted the PC? In this scenario, if ESS removed a threat upon reboot, the Action button would no longer be visible against this threat in the log. If the treat file was later manually moved by a user to another folder, upon selecting an Action the user would get an Error "no file found". Also, a user should be able to select multiple threats from the log to choose a common ac
  10. Hi Marcos, When Eset updates engine and modules for V7, do you also update V8beta modules in synch? If not, what V7 engine and modules the V8 is based on? Which release - V7 or V8 - currently provides better protection? What is V8 expected release date? If a user updates V7 to V8Beta, what will happen with current license? Will V8 continue to work until current V7 license expires, or V8beta is free until V8 is fully released? Pls clarify the above questions, they are essential to understand for everyone considering the update.
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