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  1. It doesn't seem to be the case. Here's the suggestion I found on How to ensure VPN Only traffic: "set up a Public network for VPN network connection (adapter), and block everything through the Firewall sent on Home and Office networks". The task is more suited for advanced Eset users. There seems to be several ways for a user to implement it in Eset Firewall settings. For example, a user can take advantage of Eset Firewall Profiles: 1. View current network connections in Network Protection-Connected Networks; 2. Assign different Eset Firewall Profiles to various network connectio
  2. Eset position for some time was "we won't offer VPN". At the same time Eset management recognized that their customers do use VPN, and offered extensive VPN support for its commercial Secure Authentication (ESA) product. When it comes to Home market, Eset staff simply ignores regular customer requests to provide any help on using VPN clients with Eset, despite burgeoning grows of consumer VPN market. Configuring Eset to work with a 3rd party VPN client should not be that hard. This How to use only VPN Connection guide explains how to configure a Windows Firewall to pass a certain app tra
  3. Many Windows VPN clients don't have own Firewall or Kill Switch. A VPN Client usually creates a virtual network adapter or MiniPort, which is used by the client instead of physical Ethernet or WiFi adapter, thus creating a separate "Network Connection" in Eset Firewall. Please advice how to best configure Eset Firewall in a way, that all traffic from the PC would pass only through VPN, and any other traffic outside VPN is blocked by Eset Firewall? Also, when VPN connection is temporarily interrupted, Eset Firewall should block all PC traffic on all adapters until the VPN connection is res
  4. I'm testing Eset Internet Security v12.1.34, and it writes to a laptop SSD disk very hard wearing the disk out, when a video is played in Chrome via some extension, plugin, or native client app. Why does Eset need to write video fragments to disk instead of processing them in RAM? Why does it write twice as much data than it reads? In the topic "What data Eset writes to SSD, and how to minimize it?" Eset staff replied: "we detect streams and avoid writing them to disk altogether." May be its a bug surfaced again in the latest version? I don't want to exclude Chrome browser traffic en
  5. Eset retains Interactive Mode setting in its GUI after switching Firewall Off and On again. The problem is, it does NOT read the set Interactive Mode rules upon returning back from Firewall Off state. I can try re-reading the rules each time by the manual mode reset, but its a bug, and it looks like it has already been fixed. Thanks!
  6. After manually disabling Firewall via RMC "Pause Firewall" option, then enabling some time later.
  7. I'm using Eset Internet Security . Eset Firewall is set to Interactive Mode to monitor which programs try to access internet. Is there a way to look at daily & weekly statistics what programs attempted access to what sites, and with what kind of traffic? There seems to be a bug in this mode. After switching Firewall Off for some time, and then switching it back On, Eset fails to read already stored rules in Interactive mode, and keeps popping up requests from programs that are long saved in Rules. It reads rules again only upon reboot, while simple user log out and re-login
  8. I couldn't find it on the web, so may i ask to clarify whether Eset Internet Security offers protection and notification: - against Keyloggers? - against unauthorized desktop and open program windows screenshots taking apps? - against intercepting clipboard content apps? If yes, please explain how to activate them, and suggest apps allowing to test each such Eset capability separately. If not, can you suggest another program that adds these protections?
  9. I think Marcos is more optimistic about it than you are. 😊 This is important because he translates user needs to Eset devs. And objectively it aims at Eset being a better product with higher user demand, so everyone here is on the same boat. It doesn't have to be namely Firewall section grouped feature, I rather mean broader Eset capability.
  10. However, URLs are known to Eset one way or another, which is evident when using Interactive Firewall mode. This info should not be discarded, but instead Eset devs should use their ingenuity to include and use it as selected by the user in that popup. 😎 I still believe it should be treated as a bug, because the created rule doesn't match user choice (and often doesn't make sense). What I suggest, Eset adding the URL to Firewall Rule, and then next time same program tries to send packets to that URL, Eset will analyse the new IP for that URL coming from DNS server, and dynamically block or
  11. Both laptop Mic and integrated Speakers are listed under Sound, Video and Game Controllers as one controller "Realtek High Definition Audio". They are listed separately as Speakers and Mic in Windows Sounds Panel. That's were Eset should look for Mics.... and Speakers to monitor access to. 😉 However, my suggestion is to monitor Audio Card (the controller) and allow programs access to Mic and Speaker streams only upon user permission. This will prevent spy programs from intercepting in-progress audio sessions like PC VoIP phone calls, which are passed as clear local stream through the audi
  12. Eset Firewall in Interactive Mode shows destination URLs in "User Permission" window popups for each program trying to access internet. This means URLs are clearly present in at least some (initial) DNS server requests, and this data can be used to block program access by URL instead of IP. However, when Eset adds the user rule to Rules DB, it unjustly omits the URL the user allowed or denied access to in the above popup. Hence its a clear Eset bug, and should be fixed. In particular, Eset added in interactive mode rules (any URL allowed or denied) are much broader than the user actually
  13. Wrong assumption, especially in this age of *telemetry* spying. All programs call home, some very often and for no legitimate reason. Some devs regularly change IPs of their telemetry URLs.
  14. Great. How I can use "block a URL" for a *select* program only, not for *all* installed programs?
  15. Thanks Marcos, However, I need to block access to a particular domain name only for a certain program (an email client), but allow it for all other programs like web browsers, another email client, etc. Can you add this feature to Eset to allow create app based rules in Web Protection? In many instances current URLs are unknown to a user or keep changing, so allowing to block a certain program access to a domain name instead of IP address would be more convenient or the only possible option. Or, can you suggest a workaround?
  16. Why Eset Camera Control doesn't have internal Microphone control option? It makes a little sense to control programs or web access to a camera, but not internal microphone? External Device Control feature allows to control access to an external USB Microphone as stated in Help. However, when I try to add a new control Rule in Eset Advanced Setup - Devices, the Device Type dropdown menu doesn't show Microphone option in the list. Why is that, and how to add an external Mic rule, what option to choose instead, like "Portable Devices" etc? Why only a program access to externa
  17. Eset Firewall Advanced setup offers to allow or deny a certain program sending traffic to a certain IP address or addresses list. But some domains have a range of IP addresses, and it may change over time, while other domains regularly change their IP address. How in this case to block a certain program from accessing a given domain instead of IP address? Example: I want to allow a certain mail client to access only imap.gmail.com , but no any other sites, i.e. no access to smtp.gmail.com or any other?
  18. I got "a variant of Win32/Kryptik.FXGV" on the attached program that appears false-positive based on other engines reports in Virustotal. The program is useful, it can redirect a received Skype call to a regular phone number via Windows PC modem. The developer's website is no longer online. Can you confirm or deny the threat? twilight-utilities-skype-forwarder-1766.zip
  19. My PC has updated to long ago, but the option to pause protection is still missing in Tray Menu. Is there a way I can add it by adding some Eset related registry key? Or the only way to add it is reinstalling Eset - with or without remnants cleanup? In this case, can I install a new version without uninstalling the previous one? If not, how to keep Firewall and other settings?
  20. In this case, since Eset saves stream segments in 2MB files in Temp, why simply not increase Eset 1 file RAM limit to 2-3MB, and that would solve the issue with streams checking completely in RAM. All other downloads are variable in time, they may happen once or two a week, but not on ongoing basis like streams for most users. And browser pages content processing doesn't result in regular ongoing writes to Temp either. Pls consider instead of simply denying it. You have to resolve this major SSD wear issue anyway, since streams playback is prevalent now, and almost completely replaced movie to
  21. Thanks MMx, Yes, I mean there is usually a mounting space for only one disk inside laptops, and lately these are SSD drives only. I'm not sure why you hesitate to define a RAM disk size? While Eset may process simultaneously multiple downloads, it segments each download into small parts for processing (if I understand it correctly). Then probably I need to ask a different question: is it possible to direct to RAM disk only Eset activity related to web stream processing, but keep it as is all other activity related to various file downloads and web browsing, because it results in much
  22. I'm using excellent Link Shell Extension for that purpose, mostly to relocate various browsers Profile & Cache folders from the system drive to pollute it less. However, in modern laptops, there is often no way to use SSD as a system drive, and a 2nd internal HDD as a service drive. So, people just create several SSD volumes for that. But this is not going to address the wear issue due to ongoing writes. I'm considering RAMDisk software like this one or similar free packages. My question is, what RAMDisk size would you consider optimal? Will it work OK for Eset? It should flash its da
  23. Thanks Marcus for your help. Sorry for sending you the wrong log, I took several with different filters. I will try to use Web Access Protection functionality the way you suggested. Never had to modify it before. I'm still concerned to use it with movie streaming sites, since you never know what they may package within the movie stream. But for TV stations its probably OK, though some also insert certain hypnosis & brain manipulation segments into the TV stream, like bright light flashes and certain fast pace non recognizable visual sequences targeting subconscious. But this is not filter
  24. But your advice seems to be related to Eset Firewall, but not to Real Time Antivirus Protection? How exactly I can do this, including for certain website urls such as TV streaming websites? Can you give a particular example for Eset Smart Security v10 GUI controls instead of a generic suggestion? The TV & Movie streaming is done via MS Edge browser, and it doesn't seem to write streams to disk, but System writes its cache to disk. System Swap file was not updated for 4 days as per File Explorer. I sent you the requested Process Monitor log by email (Case #46490).
  25. Hi Marcos, I'll collect the PM log. These are regular activities I see in monitoring software. Note, System for some reasons regularly accessing Eset stats and local.db - is that Eset itself masking as System? Also, Eset reads back only a small portion of what it writes to disk. I can't believe small Eset logs and stats create 4GB write activity a day. This is the largest single daily write contributor to disk after System as per Process Explorer. And below you can see, Eset continuously writes to disk an internet TV station stream, not IP camera. That's what namely creates such unne
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