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  1. Is it possible in the next ESS version to add "Remove Threat" or "Select Action" button to a last scan log of each scan type, even if a user did not select any action immediately after the scan was completed and instead rebooted the PC? In this scenario, if ESS removed a threat upon reboot, the Action button would no longer be visible against this threat in the log. If the treat file was later manually moved by a user to another folder, upon selecting an Action the user would get an Error "no file found". Also, a user should be able to select multiple threats from the log to choose a common action.


    Now there's a problem with manual threat removal. I scanned my PC yesterday, and got a long list of "potentially unwanted application - action selection postponed until scan completion" records in the Eset Smart Scan Log done with default settings (i.e. Default Cleaning Level - no auto removal of unwanted apps). BUT... there was no way upon scan completion to choose an unwanted app from the log and select an Action!!!


    In addition, probably due to ESS yesterday's module update, my PC went to sleep and failed to wake up properly, so I needed to reboot. Upon reboot I could access the last ESS log, BUT... there're again NO ways to select any action (like: Remove) in that Log window or any other window. Why then I did the 2-hour scan, if no ways to do any action after that?

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