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  1. Last update was 10446 yesterday. Virus signature now up to 10448 and no auto update. Behaving like it was 2-3 days ago with trying to update to 10444. Is this another large file? This is getting to be an annoyance having to check manually every 15 mins. or so. What is going on? If you need more bandwidth and servers, then you need it, period! PS - I guess I just saw what's going on. Went to the threat sense page and saw what a whopper of an update 10448 is! Guess this is round 2 from what happened a few day ago. OK, I'll just be patient and get on as it can. BTW, 10444 did get installed via auto update, so all the waiting and manual button pushing was just an exercise in futility. Guess I'll just wait my turn.
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