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  1. My virus signature stuck at 11461. Even though right now the Update Info show that the latest is 11463. I tried to download it manually but it said that my virus database is up to date. I also try updating it after clearing the update cache but still no joy. Is it just me or anybody else found the same problem? Or is it the same problem that happen in the past when new version of ESET released, the server get loaded to much so sometimes we get this problem?
  2. I did this. Sometimes you need to hit it few times ( in my case i hit it more than 20 times ).
  3. How did you find the ESET Security Forum? - From my friend. The truth is I,ve been using Eset for maybe 4-5 years, but never thing about joining the forum. So my friend tell me to join as we can get new BTS about Eset What OS are you running? - Windows 7 SP 1 64bit What AV are you running? - Eset Smart Security 7 What’s an interesting fact about you? - I work with airlines, so sometimes we travel to different place. I always bring my laptop with me and with the wifi connection that i get in the hotel, you don't know what happen. So I rather stay safe with ESET.
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