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  1. Thanks Rugk,but i know this and at the end of full scan it doesn't show the splash screen that i see on another device own,and no connection to server. Update works. I try to reinstall but nothing....what can i do?
  2. Hi,on my sony android 4.0.4 Live Grid doesn't works but is enabled in menu, I don't see any data connection to eset servers,no splash screen.....signatures update work. Why?
  3. Hi, yes i mean for EMS..i want ems scan start when i turn my device on so i don't miss the automatic scan. Now it doesn't. Thanks! I would ask a new question..the rapid scan make control of execution process on the device?
  4. Hi,i think you should modify automatic scans...if the device is shut down when i turn on they don't starts! Can You? Excuse me for my english.. Bye!
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