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  1. Hi,
    When checking file proprieties, security tab, I see a strange username...


    I don't know who it is, since this computer is only used by me. In the past years I never got infected, also, after this finding I made a in-depth scan using ESET (it's the product I run on my systems for years) and then, I scanned the system using Malwarebytes & Emsisoft Emergency Kit. Nothing Found.


    More info: This user only appears when checking the security proprieties of files inside any of my discs (C/D/F). But it doesn't appear on files located on Desktop.

    I don't know what to think, any tips?


  2. Hello, no, ESET Internet Security is a new product with a new feature set.

    ESET Smart Security is currently not part of beta testing.


    Which one will be the top product (the one with more features/most complete), smart security or internet security?



  3. No, this is the original ESET website. I will try to explain it better:


    If you go to eset.com/pt (Portuguese Website) and press shop button you are redirected to loja.eset.pt. This Website (loja.eset.pt) is using a secure connection.

    If you go to eset.com/int (International Website) and press shop button, you are redirected to nod32.pt/purchase. This website (nod32.pt/purchase) is using a non secure connection.

    The ESET International website redirects you to your country shop when you click the "shop" button, but, for some reason, the international website is redirecting Portuguese IP's to the wrong page (nod32.pt/purchase) instead of (loja.eset.pt). So, the problem is on the redirect made by the international website, you can only test it if you access the international website using a Portuguese IP.

  4. Hi all,


    I was looking at the buy page of ESET and I noticed something strange. Clicking on the shop button on ESET international website, opens the follow website:


    hxxp://www.nod32.pt/purchase/index.php - This website isn't using an encrypted connection, and that's bad since it ask for all the client personal information to buy the license.


    But if open ESET International website and select the country first, then when you press "shop" the domain is different (loja.eset.pt) and that page is using HTTPS.


    So the problem is on the international website that redirects to a un secured page when your IP is from Portugal.


    P.S: I use ESET since NOD32 v2.7, so I'm a huge fan :)




  5. ESS detects it as "a variant of Android/Appinventor.A"


    Right now I can't upload a simple apk to virustotal, but you can find many virustotal links with this detection.


    A simple google search: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/79b0cbbee52ac84e607885405cd627b173c392c0f39556d5d570d97e0432fe7b/analysis/


    Also, if you want to see it by your eyes, you can go to app inventor website and create a simple app, in some seconds.


    Thanks for the answers ;)

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