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  1. Can you share what is configurable? I cannot find one single thing to toggle. There is literally no buttons or configuration menus.
  2. It would not let me use my protonmail address. @pm.me The email: I had a home license I think, but it's now a business license. I upgraded because, why not? If that is what it's going to be, then fine. But there are no options, you cannot even manually scan. I have a brand new machine 5800x 32gb ram and nvme drive. It's very fast. Until today lol. It takes like 30 seconds to open terminal. Neofetch took almost a minute to grab info vs about a second before. I use PopOS 21.04. I will DM you the license.
  3. The forum would not let me use my regular email address so I had to use a gmail (didn't make me happy from a personal security perspective) to post here. I had NOD32 and followed the email to update to v8. It's my personal machine. I am not managing a network of machines. I don't use Protect. I have not opened a ticket yet. I just did the update to v8 from NOD32. It took ten minutes to switch users on my machine and I needed to get to work. So as soon as I can, I will remove it. Honestly from a home perspective, it's all pretty useless and it's bizarre to take an application for home users and push them to a business app like this. In fact I wouldn't recommend it for our business users that have standalone linux either. We don't manage their machines like that.
  4. Agree. The upgrade experience was awful and the product is so slow on my brand new machine that it is unusable. I will downgrade or find a different solution. Why in the world should I not be able to do a manual scan? v8 is going to mandatory for Linux users in a year and as a linux home user won't have a choice but to use it. If there is another tool to install like ESET Protect - the documentation needs to be way better.
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