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  1. The slowness came back for me too. I'm not sure if secure boot was related or just a red herring. Sometimes if I restart the computer will be fine, other times it is slow as dirt. I even uninstalled ESET and it was still slow until I reset bios and changed a few things. I've been running without ESET for a few days and my machine is stable and fast. Not sure what the real problem is but the app is unusable in this state. I will wait to hear when this is fixed before trying again.
  2. Okay, I found something. I had Secure Boot enabled in BIOS/UEFI but it didn't seem to be configured. I went ahead and disabled it, and the problems went away. Now my computer is at full speed. This also might explain why the issue didn't manifest in a virtual machine. That said, I would like secure boot to be working, but I can at least use my computer for now while we figure this out.
  3. I'm having the same issue. Just installed ESET Endpoint on Ubuntu 21.04 and my machine has slowed to a crawl. Even simply opening the terminal can take 15 or 20 seconds. Looking in the process monitor, nothing is using CPU or RAM. But the whole computer is unusable. Please help.
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