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  1. Hi, We have 75+ PC's running Eset Endpoint, administrated through ERA server. All clients are up to date on definitions. In the past few days, one of our staff downloaded *something* and infected their computer with Battdil.J. Eset did not pick up the virus when it was downloaded, or executed. It simply started to appear in the threat log in Operating Memory >> svchost.exe. Eset also failed to stop any of the several hundred emails sent from that staff member to our entire organisation shortly afterwards. The emails had the subject line "Invoice - xxxx", and a .zip attachement co
  2. Hi, I have Endpoint Security running on a client - all is up-to-date. In ERA, I keep getting warnings in the Threat Log from from the Outlook Email filter for various trojans, but the action field just says "Contained infected files". How is that an action?! Was the email deleted? Was the trojan deleted? or quarantined? Many thanks in advance.
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