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  1. P.p.s. I just tried it (within normal hours), and nobody is available. So frustrating!
  2. Thank you, "itman", much appreciated! 😊 P.s. I don't like it either!
  3. My Eset wasn't working it said due to overuse of license. I only have one computer, so I went online to my license page and there were a ton of other computers using my license! I used the menu for each to rename them(I called them all "STOPSTEALING" and numbered them) then I disconnected them. I also changed my password immediately, and did not use the link provided in the email that originally came warning me about the problem (for fear it was phony). The very next day, they were all back!! I took them all off again, changed pass, etc., then the NEXT day they were back again!!! How can I regain control of my account and license???? Changing my password does NOTHING!! I also tried calling customer support over and over. Nobody answers! Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hello, I just purchased a two computer license for ESET Smart Security. I activated the license on both computers. On my laptop running Windows 8.1, it allowed me to enable Anti-Theft; but it won't allow me to "Finish Anti-Theft configuration." All that happens is it keeps wanting me to create a new account; it doesn't ask for me to "pick a name" for my computer; and I end up on the instruction page that tells how to do it...except, of course, I can't and have been going in little circles for the past hour. Then, I tried setting up the Anti-Theft on my laptop that is running Windows 7, and it is asking for me to choose a name; yet I'm concerned that I will only be able to register one laptop for the Anti-Theft, plus my Android device. What should I do? Am I going to be able to register my Windows 8.1 laptop? It's the more valuable one so if I only get to choose one, that's the one I want, but it won't let me...what I really want to have BOTH of my licensed laptops covered by Anti-Theft, is this possible? How can I do this? Can I use one email address and have all three of my devices show up in one account? That would be ideal! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance! (I attached two screenshots: both are concerning my windows 8.1 laptop that it won't allow me to configure) ~kkatblue
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