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  1. I've bought an ESET license for my openSUSE Leap systems as well as my cell phone a few months ago. The idea of an "unified" secutity solution for all my IT devices seemed convincing to me. Until now, Eset has had a good technology and a good reputation in my opinion... But this move of withdrawing openSUSE support is quite disappointing. On this page: https://www.eset.com/int/home/antivirus-linux/ as well as on this page: https://help.eset.com/eav_linux/4/en-US/?ud_ena_intro_requirements.html ...openSUSE is still explicitly listed as supported/required distribution. My expectation as a customer is: That problems Eset has with supported Linux distributions (or other operating systems listed as supported/required) will get fixed soon. Because this is how the word "support" is defined in my opinion... Now a problem appears with openSUSE Leap 15.3 and the reaction of ESET is to simply withdraw openSUSE "support" -- suddenly and from now on! No time for the customers to prepare or to look for alternatives. Beyond that, this is only announced at some thread at the support forum. On the websites listed above, openSUSE is still mentioned. This might lead other openSUSE users to mistakenly buy a license... On the openSUSE support forum a workaround was published. I will try this to be able to use my license further. But a renewal of the license in 05/2022 is now in question because I won't spent money for unsupported software on my systems which I can only use by doing workarounds... But if Eset decided to (re-)support openSUSE again and fix the installer, everything would be fine again...
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