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  1. Hello, I need ESET Enterprise Inspector 1.6 rules guide. I looked at Global Hub but I can't find it. Can you share to me? Thanks.
  2. Hello Marcos Thank you for answer. I noticed my web servers CSF firewall is blocked 2222 connection ports. When I addallow rule, ema connected ep server and I can upgrade this. I think, when I upgrade firewall, I added rules are deleted. The Firewalls are a nuisance.
  3. Hello, I am using CentOS 7 for providing web hosting. I could manage to my webserver but I notice I can't manage a CentOS Server. When I looked, I noticed ESET Management Agent removal on CentOS 7 Server. When I tried to reinstall ESET Management Agent on the webserver, I took an error. I must use remote IP for connection. I can't use the hostname. Thank you.
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