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  1. has been applied all the hotfixes ran windows update, password has been changed to more complexity it still get infected... however only disable file and printer sharing port... the conficker AA only won't come and attack.. is there any ways to prevent the conficker AA attack if my file and printer sharing port enable, because i need it to sharing printer over a network to other pc. by the ways that's no solutions from ESET smart security itself to blocked or clean conficker AA over the network.. you can follow steps described in this comprehensive KB article about Conficker. Conficker – How do I protect myself? <-- has been tried above method still no luck to get rid of autorun has been disable , but still get infected through over network. the only solutions unthick file and printer sharing at network connection. but i no wan to disable it it may causes im not able to share my printer over network. Do Eset have any solutions on this case =) Thank in advance.
  2. Dear Sir, we have using ESET Endpoint Version 5.0.2214.4, recently infected with conficker worm.AA it spreading over the network, we have no solutions to prevent the conficker worm A.A infected the workstation pc. had try to configure IDS setting it still infected the workstation pc by create a conficker file into windows folder and only removed it by eset endpoint security on windows section and it also created a task job, by it self. had try to make a full scan but no infection just got infection it spread over network and cleaned by endpoint itself and reinfected again after a few hours or day, however had try to disable autorun.inf using registry patched it totally not able to block the conficker worm spread over the networkstation... it will infected and removed by eset endpoint only .. pls help
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