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  1. Another point. Are you sure that you have completely removed all of the Norton Anti-virus app. It is important that you use the removal tool to do this before installing ESET.
  2. Strange, we received some malware spam in our business email address which is registered with ESET this morning too. Hate to think that ESET had been hacked.
  3. When the popup appears saying NOD32 needs attension, if you then open up the NOD 32 GUI, on the HOME page there is a notice saying something like 'Your operating system is not up to date'. That is when I find a Windows 10 update is due.
  4. This pops up with us when windows 10 has an update to bring in. It's good that ESET has this reminder which sometimes beats the automatic windows download and install from Microsoft.
  5. Yes updated manually. Windows7 64bit. Download good. Installed over present edition good. The GUI asked me to restart computer. Did that and all is perfect.
  6. I spoke this morning to the UK based ESET customer service. At first I was told that the problem must be with me as up until that time they had heard nothing from other customers about this update problem. After I pointed to these posts in the forum he said to hole while he looked into this. On return I was told that yes there is a problem because of a large update. He also said that it WAS NOT GOOD PRACTICE to enforce an update by keeping pressing the manual update button until it happened. This would just make things worse with the server getting even more busy. After I said that I would not
  7. Yes, the same here in the UK today. After many tries have now done a manual update from 10435 to 10439 the latest signature file.Let us hope that by tomorrow this will be sorted.
  8. Thank you so musch all of you for your help. Defender now disabled and all going smoothly.
  9. Using Smart Security 7 on Win 7 64bit PC. I notice that Windows Defender panel says that Real Time Protection is ON. Should this be running alongside ESET and if not how do you disable Windows Defender? Any help appreciated.
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