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    gregarican gave kudos to TheSkymanDC in ESET Network Attack Protection (IDS) is non-functional   
    This was never resolved for us.  The recommendation to turn on advanced logging was of no use as the reboot cleared the problem on that computer.  Randomly happens every few days.   I chatted with ESET Support and no one can give me a resolution.  Very annoying.
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    gregarican received kudos from sdnian in ESET Network Attack Protection (IDS) is non-functional   
    So I have Windows 10 Pro clients all running ESET Endpoint Antivirus v8.1.2031.0. Randomly after restarting their PC's I see one of these alerts fire up in my web console every 2-3 days.
    Reading other forum threads (such as -->   
    ) I don't think I'm an outlier with this. Yes, a reboot resolves the issue each any every time. But asking for my endusers to reboot their PC's after they just did and have gotten back into their business apps isn't reasonable. If this is a known issue, is there a fix via an update or anything?
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