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  1. Hello all, I'm Matt. I have tested a ton of AVs over the years, but always keep coming back to ESET because it's reliable and it has never given me any issues. I heard about it a long time ago from Wilders and never looked back.
  2. I can do option two and just check newegg. I was also lazy at Black Friday and it slipped my mind
  3. Excellent news, unfortunately my license expired last year and forgot to renew it. (Will not have money for a new license till middle of July maybe unless a special because of bills) So what is the best course of action. 1. Install NOD32 beta 9 which has a little bit longer then a 30 day license 2. Trial NOD 32 version 8 and hope I can obtain a license. Matt
  4. Hi all, I was looking through old emails and found I had bought a year subscription last Thanksgiving to NOD 32. Unfortunately it's version 7, as now we are on version 8. My question is if there is time left on it, (which there should be) , can I upgrade to V8 without paying for another license for version 8? Sales Order Date 11/26/2013 (for 2014) ESET NOD32 ANITVIRUS 7 1PC DL
  5. Will do. May not have a chance to grab a license before I'm on vacation.
  6. Thanks, Tom. Now to find deals for a 1 year license for NOD 32 ...
  7. How did you find the ESET Security Forum? By running ESET nod32 since version 5 I think What OS are you running? Windows 8.1 64 bit What AV are you running? trialing NOD32 Version 9 What’s an interesting fact about you? Even though I don't drive, I can figure out distances between cities fairly well in my head Matt
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