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  1. Marcos, do you think it's possible that microsoft is sending my computer pua's via windows update? Thanks in advance. Steve
  2. Hi Howard, I suspect you are right, but I'd also feel a bit better with feedback from eset. Funny, my 8 year old mac is still running like a champ, albeit a bit slow, and my year and a half old pc is having problems, LOL. Thanks again for the info, and good luck with your issues. Steve
  3. Hi Howard, I suspect, like you, that this file has been on my computer for quite some time - I clicked on properties for the file and it said it was last accessed about a year ago. Do you think it's possible that Microsoft is sending me an infected file as part of a windows update? I reinstalled the critical updates and so far no threat has been detected - I'm doing important updates one at a time and then running nod 32 to I.d. the suspect update. Thanks again for the reply. Steve
  4. Hi Tomo, I used the recovery disks that came with my computer originaly, a probook from hp, so the software is totally legit. Keep in mind, all was well till I did a windows update - after which I ran NOD32 and it said I had several threats similar to what I posted above. I did cautiously install the critical updates for windows and NOD32 is still happy. I'm doing the important updates one at a time, then running NOD32. This will obviously take a bit of time, but hopefully I can identify the update that is causing the problems. Thanks for the reply. Steve
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, Marcos. Yes, that would have been helpful, sorry about that. It said: "C:\Windows\Installer\4a824.msi » MSI » Cabs.w1.cab » CAB » WINZIPSSRegClean.exe - probably a variant of Win32/Systweak potentially unwanted application - action selection postponed until scan completion." It wouldn't clean it and even after quarntining it, it said it was unable to move the file. I was reluctant to let it delete the file as after researching online, this may be a necessary file for windows to operate correctly (if this is a false positive). So, I did another clean inst
  6. Hello, Yesterday I ran ESET NOD32 and was notified that my computer was infected with 3 files similar to C:\Windows\Installer\4a824.msi. I was very concerned that my computer was infected, so I did a clean windows 7 install. Now when I run ESET NOD32 I get 1 threat notification for C:\Windows\Installer\4a824.msi. I can't imagine my computer is infected as I just did a clean windows 7 install. Windows update downloaded almost 200 updates, is it possible that Windows Update installed infected files on my computer, or is it likely that this is a false positive? I tried to submit the f
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