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  1. Hi, one last thing added to the exceptions list: /opt/eset. I was having this error, so I thought it would be better not to give access to my user to the antivirus folder and at the same time add it to the exclusions folder. I must report that I have no more slowness here.
  2. Hi guys, So after ALL those changes, I still had random moments of slowness which were solved by restart eea service. Then I thought: is this antivirus scanning the filesystem? So, does this mean that write and read from network device is being scanned too? Is it also scanning /proc?! I've decided to add /dev and /proc to the "ignored" paths (+ /var/lib/docker). If I notice that I don't have anymore hangs on Monday morning boots after machine down for 2 days, I will let you know.
  3. Wel, another thing I will try here: IntelliJ just warned about low values for inotify.max_user_watches. Changing it now to fs.inotify.max_user_watches=5242881 fs.inotify.max_user_instances=1024 fs.inotify.max_queued_events=32768 I still had one episode of slowness here. But most of the time machine is super usable. Let's hope those limits increased fix the problem.
  4. "apt fix broken install" did the trick, but the my machine is still really slow when RTP is on. Question: is anybody else out there using NVidia RTX 30 series with multiple displays? I have 3 screens here and I only notice the slowness when using X. If I boot to text, I'm ok.
  5. Hi, seems I was abandoned but I'm reporting another thing now... I've just upgraded my kernel to get 5.13, as I'm stuck on 5.11 with Ubuntu 21.04. And, I'm repeating the whole setup process again and for the first time I get this message of missing packages here So, now I will try to sort this out and see what happens.
  6. Hi all, I've found this checking my syslog. The first part seems a bit problematic, other 2 images seems just RTP hooking to the syscalls to do RTP. I've noticed that the Gnome Tracker is quite intensive on file scanning... Shouldn't be a problem but maybe at some point it could have a conflict on file access? Well, leaving this here, not sure this helps.
  7. LesRMed and Peter, Yesterday I couidn't even do screenshots anymore. I've captured, and when trying to paste images were broken and machine started to be really slow again. I ran htop and see my cores at very low usages (2-5%) and plenty of RAM - I have 64GB so it's quite hard to get it full. Today I've noticed slowness twice, and it was on the service restart I've put in cron (which, tbh, wasn't causing problems before). Slowness happened today at 11h15 and 12h00. The first one I had to reboot as I was doing a call that exact moment, but the second one at 12h00 I waited. 2 minutes. Machine comes back to normal. So, I've decided to comment the crontab restart in the service. And I will start to check if the slowness is only on boot as others have reported. in my case it happens "sometimes" on boot, but it had stopped for a while. Well, there you have date and time (13/08/2021, 11h15 and 12h00-12h02) AND MY LOGS! Ehhhhh! 😄 Maybe this will solve the mistery... BTW: I can't attach the .tar.gz from logs here. Hahahaha, it's funny, file has been generated by your tool. Here is the zipped version with my logs. Hope you can find something there. Cheers, Pablo eea_logs.zip
  8. Hi Peter, Does this help? On reboot some ESET messages. Missing part are timestamps on the left, no useful help there, I think. About LesRMed answer: software installs that part around with the FS access may leave some "scars" behind. So, superhot's system was normal, installed ESET, got b slower, remove and didn't help: so maybe there is also a problem on uninstalling it too. Are you going though the same problem as us? If not, you probably can't simulate the problem locally to understand the problem or help. I've mentioned it once and would like to mention it again, as there are other softwares that are incompatible with it: I use Nvidia's proprietary driver for X. Anybody who is having this issue is using the Nvidia proprietary driver too? I would not be surprised that this is the root of all this pain. Cheers, Peter and Superhot.
  9. SUPERHOT, so far my solution has been to have a cronjob to reestart eea service every 15 minutes. Sometimes the machine boots slow, I go for a cigarrete, coffe, bath, and when I'm back it's normal. It's really random problem, can't get a track of what is slowing down the machine. Amazing enough, running HTOP shows all my cores using less than 2%. But I can badly run something in terminal. All of the sudden (every 15 minutes) service is restarted, cores go really high and back to normal in seconds. Add this to /etc/crontab and that's the "fix" you can do at the moment. */15 * * * * root systemctl restart eea
  10. Hi Peter, Seems I was wrong. Today the computer started to be slow again. The secure boot was just because it was not starting. Then it started, was fine for a week but now again, on Monday, super slow. Last time was the same: after the weekend, machine become very slow. Maybe it partied to strong over the weekend? 🙂 Anyway, today, starting week, really slow. I will give it a go to let scan runs as my colleague reported. "After 5-10 minutes it comes back to normal". I'll report again tomorrow morning. This weekend I will try not shutting it down and see if Monday is slow again. I've also have added a restart to eea every 15 minutes. And seems that it just worked and made the machine "fast" again. Again, a tip I've received from my friend: restart the service and morning goes back to "normal" for a while. Oddly, it seemed to work just now. Cheers, Pablo
  11. Hi all!!! SOLVED!!! After removing the policy I still had problems to get the scan working. I've triggered it remotely and it was working, so RTP was the only problem. Well, after so many attempts and even resetting the BIOS I've forgot to set secure boot as off. It is working now flawlessly. Peter, you were right, last week while we were trying to get it working here, someone saw my "red strip" and trying to help clicked the "ENABLE" on EDTD. Thank god I could remove that. Cheers, Pablo
  12. Hi Peter, Answering a previous question: dynamic threat is on Trying to get rid of it now. 😄 Cheers
  13. Thanks for the info. Never had the secure boot enabled here for quite a simple reason: RTX 3080. Every time there is an driver update or a kernel release, it's a pain to get it "on" properly as you need to disable secure boot, and then resign the whole thing: not worth the effort. However, there was an update today. I will try again. But I'm betting this is a problem with LUKS and the EFS.
  14. Hi Peter, The problem is that this machine compiles images that go to client's environments, so there is no "exclusion path" that I could allow without any compromise to the security. This machine is not supposed to be slow, all the disks are quite fast ssds, and there is 64GB of RAM which should be more than enough for the scans not to get "overloaded". About what I call "EEA", well I call it the only thing I can find in the /opt/eset folder. 🙂 How can I query ubuntu to get the proper names of what I have installed here? eea/now 8.1.3 seems to be the only matching package. If you tell me where to set exclusion paths, I can give it a try. Cheers, Pablo
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