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  1. @foneil or @Marcos could I please get some help with this? from reading other threads, it appears you will need to send the U/P info. My email address here on support forum should match the account purchased the license. thank you
  2. anyone? seems this is an extremely common problem with Linux installs. . .
  3. Received the activation email Found the Username in the email "EAV..." there is no password listed in the email. I've tried using the License Key and the License ID for the password, neither works.
  4. I got the link off a website when searching for AV, so maybe it is a direct link under the "i already purchased" - I don't know. All good for now though, thanks.
  5. actually, I downloaded it from here (https://www.eset.com/int/home/antivirus-linux/download/), not the "i already purchased". Doesn't matter, but just in case you guys need to change. I'll get the purchased version running and will hopefully resolve the update issue. Thanks for prompt replies.
  6. I just downloaded and installed this yesterday - if it's legacy, why is it the only option on your website, lol? I do plan to purchase, but was going to go through the website directly (home use, no local distributor). Will Linux desktop still be supported next year (and onward)?
  7. See attached screenshot. error appears to be due to not registered to a user account, but there is no where to put a user account?
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