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  1. tried enabling advanced logging but it wont change from disabled.. and i seemed to have fixed it.. without rebooting.. why would CHROME portable stop EIS from updating?.. how i did it.. i killed the Egui.exe and Eguiproxy.exe tasks.. closed Chrome.. and then in the startmenu clicked Eset Security.. and now its updated.. WEIRD,,
  2. I have a similar issue.. except mine isnt updating at all.. Mine says Updating product ... . . . . . . . . and thats it.. this is set to automatic.. and looking at the information above that.. Last successful update 19/07/2001 00:57:38 Last successful check for update 19/07/2021 12:02:38 Clicking Cancel update does NOTHING..but it should tell the app to stop trying.. and then allow me to click UPDATE again.. I wish I could say this is the first time this has happened but its NOT.. its the 4th time.. A simple reboot which i've done 3 times before fixed the issue... would come back with user cancelled update.. and then if I manually select UPDATE it will update.. But I shouldnt have to reboot my computer every day / time to do this..i leave my computer on 24/7.. attached screenshot of the actual screen.. those dots would be moving if it was a gif file. I currently have it EIS disabled due to running a scan for duplicates..
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