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    Stormin Ben received kudos from JoeP in Eset Endpoint v8.1 LiveGrid connection problem   
    Just to add my two penceworth
    We pushed out the 8.1 update to 250+ computers across 13 different customers
    Prior to this we had had no reported incidents
    Post update we have customers reporting ESET pop-ups across all sites
    The firewall rules on all sites have no restriction on outbound traffic so it is 100% not the firewall producing the issue
    I would like to suggest ESET support stop trying to blame the issue on end users and take a look at the overall picture!
    We have been using ESET for nearly a decade and have been incredibly pleased with it
    But this issue is affecting EVERYBODY and is causing serious customer unease -nobody likes getting a frequent pop up telling them their system protection has an issue
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    Stormin Ben gave kudos to IT-KAV in Eset Endpoint v8.1 LiveGrid connection problem   
    I can confirm this problem with version 8.1 (we never had this problem before).
    We had to set exclusions for livegrid on main firewall acording to the FAQ, but almost every day "test" computers reports limited cloud connectivity, even after restart. But flushdns command works almost immediately.
    We stopped deployment to our computers until we know whats happening (we have 400 computers).
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    Stormin Ben gave kudos to SeanusT in Eset Endpoint v8.1 LiveGrid connection problem   
    Hi, we're receiving this warning notification intermittently too.
    52 endpoints at one site updated to 8.1.2031.0.
    I've had at least 5 users reach out to me regarding it, probably more that haven't.
    These endpoints have unrestricted access to the internet.
    We didn't receive this warning at all prior to the update.
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