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  1. So with the below instructions I was able to eliminate the alerts from the security product GUI on the end nodes, but I still see the alerts in the web console under 'COMPUTERS' view. Is there a way to eliminate the alerts from here also?
  2. Thanks Marcos this is very helpful! The systems running in our offline environment (forensic lab) requires accessing large volume of data (hundreds of gigs or tb at a time) on a constant basis, where we need to keep files in place even if they're infected (can't just have them deleted or quarantined to an isolated place) and therefore we have indeed only been using our current antivirus solution as an on-demand scanner Very keen to hear your thoughts and insights on the best practices for an environment such as ours though 👍
  3. Thanks Michael this is very helpful! I'm getting to know the product better and better day by day 😊
  4. Thanks Michael for that. Hmm in that case can I stop the Http Proxy Usage policy from being applied automatically on the computer? Cos it seems that the config in my policy is overwritten by that in the Http Proxy Usage policy Thanks!
  5. Greetings, I'm running a test for ESET PROTECT (VA) with 3 x Windows end nodes in an offline environment. I have created an All-in-One installer including two custom policies specified (one for endpoint one for agent). I can still see the names of these policies shown at the beginning of the installation process, however, I noticed from the web console that neither of the policies were applied to the security product initially, then after the auto initial scan starts running, the builtin 'HTTP Proxy usage' policies for both ESET Endpoint for Windows and ESET Management Agent were applied on the security product on the node Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!
  6. Hi there, just wanted to find out if there is a way to dismiss warnings/alerts in ESET PROTECT's web console? For instance, the policy we intend to have in our offline environment disables real-time file system and anti-phishing protection, and therefore this shows up as a security risk for every single end nodes. Without being able to dismiss warnings/alerts like these, our end nodes would forever pose as problematic in the web console..! Thanks very much
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