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  1. Yes, referring to GUI. Waiting over 30 seconds for it to load (counting the seconds) and desktop locked up until it loaded. There were only three items in Start: Nod32, acrotray and my DNS updater, I disabled acrotray and DNS but still had problem. Then noticed a program 'trying' to load called 'nVIDIA GeForce Experience' - uninstalled it and problem went away. Thanks for your help with this!
  2. Have had Nod32 for several years and it loaded almost immediately. Updated Windows 8.0 to 8.1 last year. Started noticing slow-to-open a couple of months ago with Nod32 6.0. Tried changing settings - did not help. Upgraded to most recent version 7.0.317.4 two weeks ago, but no improvement. It is taking over 30 seconds for Nod32 to load, slowing my whole system. Running Windows 8.1 on 64-bit desktop, 16GB RAM. Any suggestions on how to get Nod32 to load faster again?
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