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  1. Sorry I did not realize I was in the wrong forum. I am new to the ESET forums and started by searching for the problem I was having. I found this thread and contributed. I do see now that this forum is for IT professionals who support business users.
  2. I am no longer getting notifications but the problem persist.
  3. I set a rule in eset to let ekrn in and out of port 53535 in both tcp and udp. I am still getting the error. The only other thing I can think of is it might be my router. I don't know what settings I need to mess with in my router. I have Port filtering, port forwarding, and port triggers. I don't think any of those are causing the problem. Did an ESET update cause this problem or is this something caused by a resent Windows update?
  4. I have been having this problem here lately as well. It seems to be intermittent. I will get a notification. Sometimes the app will say all is fine when I check it. Some times it will say it can't reach the server. Eset is the only firewall I use. I do use a VPN. I think my router has a built in firewall as well. Do I need to mess with my router settings to fix this?
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