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  1. This is the closest thing I could find via google, today I caught a virus and thing is I didn't even run any kind of exe and eset caught it as it was downloading So I figured to do a system restore just to be safe. This is the error I got after I sat here for a hour n half mind you this is a M.2 NVME drive I rewrote some of the BIos through tutorial to boot from M.2 Drive on older UEFI system, Windows installation only takes 4 minutes and change. So not sure why that was so long. Yesterday i refused to install an update because computer would not get out of updating sat for 3 hours, so I hard reset it manually and went into system repair. Neway, this is the error I got just a little bit ago on why system restore couldn't be done. I had saw in the other guys post you wanted a windows log. If a log would help you, what part of it would you need?
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