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  1. That bug you linked is entirely different from what we are experiencing. (I know that bug because we, along with the rest of the world experienced it back in May 😀) ESET appears to be stripping the body of the email because the body briefly appears in both Outlook online and in Outlook desktop app then suddenly disappears after it arrives in Outlook desktop app. I cannot confirm that it is ESET other than the fact that what I am experiencing was posted in that link and they claim it is a common problem with AVG and ESET.
  2. On occasion I receive an email from a legitimate source and I begin to read the email and then suddenly the body of the email disappears. I check the email via Outlook online and the body has disappeared there as well. Our email client is Outlook 365 and we are using ESET Endpoint Protection. The information linked below is exactly what we are experiencing but the suggestion is to remove the Outlook add-in which is basically disabling the email protection feature - which is unacceptable and makes having this software pointless. Body Of Messages Is Missing In My Outlook On Windows. What Do I Do? - Intermedia Knowledge Base Is there a solution to this issue?
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