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  1. Hello everyone. Hello everyone. I have in my computer Avast Internet Security, but I also have ESET Online Scanner for on-demand scans. Today, I was scanning and it found 1 malware: the Avast Safezone installer. Here is the Virus Total link: https://www.virustotal.com/pt/file/6e5d95babebe7698afe08597d376cf896cdfa330eae32b82c9bb1f60d9170c15/analysis/1498964719/ The file is located at: C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\SZBrowser\setup I'm almost sure it's a false positive, can anyone checks if I'm correct? Thank you
  2. Nice to know that. Thank you for the answer.
  3. Wait,looks like that i didn't understand everything.... You are telling that without connection, EOS will only take more time to scan (but the scan will still find infections)? EDIT: Please remember that since I'm using Google Chrome, I had to download the program and download the vaccines and signatures.
  4. I did 1 test here. Doing both scans on my PC here (1 without disconection, and another with disconection), both didn't detected anything. Will try now a test on my laptop.
  5. Hello everyone. Sorry for posting this thread here, because i coudn't find the EOS part of the forum. I downloaded today the EOS on my PC. Since I'm using Google Chrome, I had to install the program too. The EOS downloaded some files, I turned off my anti-virus live protection (Avast) and then the program downloaded some vaccines... When the program started the scan, I disconnected my PC from the internet, so I could use the cable on my laptop. So, my question is: Does EOS scan works without internet after downloading the vaccines and other things before? Sorry for any english mistakes, and thank you for the help!
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