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  1. So you knew about this problem (yes, this IS a problem) for several years. And after that you telling your clients - no, this is not a problem. And maybe in the future we fix this problem, that is not a problem. But no fix for several years! FYI: the solution is simple - in firewall rule you can let user choose path to exe if it is a classical programm, or select from list of installed modern apps. There is API to tell which folder belongs to which installed app. That way user can create rule for whole app.
  2. I'm this close to switching my and my family's PCs to other antivirus/firewall software. And also terminating all 150 eset enterprise licenses in my company. You saying that your software is fully compatible with windows 10, but long lasting firewall rules cannot be made for Microsoft Store Apps. Those apps change directory on each update and new rule must be made. It's even worse when interactive mode is enabled. New notifications about new app trying access internet every day and hundreds of obsolete rules in firewall. There was option allowing internet access for Metro apps based on its manifest. But now its gone. WTH you was thinking??? If you don't give a F about your clients, then I'll take my bussiness to others who cares.
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