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  1. Hi, thank you for your answer. I’ve reported a couple of mails (false postives/negatives) to samples@eset.com and got one reply, that I should open a support ticket to get the problem solved with the misclassified email from the Apple App Store. OK, I don’t know exactly why but I have opened a ticket. A score of 98 (running mail security with default settings) for Apple mails should not happen. I'm sure, Mailshell scans thousands of such mails every day. I’ve reported a couple of other mails today (false negatives) and will wait if reporting of such mails is worth the time. At the
  2. I've received a couple of mails from the Apple iTunes store (app purchases) and all of these mails are classified as spam. Header: X-Eset-Antispam: SPAM;98;calc;2014-08-12 04:53:32;1408120453320003;F6C9 Debug log: Sun Aug 10 02:00:05 2014 0xf04fdb40 Reliability : Inside SCMessage::getExtraInfo custom_rules Sun Aug 10 02:00:05 2014 0xf04fdb40 SUMMARY,98,0,0,33a0777c6cb05a1e,d41d8cd98f00 b204,do_not_reply@itunes.com,email_replaced,RULES_HIT:10849,0,RBL:none,CacheIP: none,Bayesian:0.5,0.5,0.5,Netcheck:none,DomainCache:0,MSF:not bulk,SPF:fn,MSBL:, DNSBL:none,Custom_rules:0:0:0 All of these
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