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  1. @Marcos I do not believe it works to update Linux components from local offline repo. Are you sure that this works? The documentation for this is also lacking.
  2. Thank you Marcos! I get the error: Server not found. (when running the command ./upd -u from /opt/eset/efs/bin) Could you give an example of the path format? I tried paths like: /opt/eset/eset_upd/ , /opt/eset/eset_upd/ep8,
  3. Hi Marcos! I can't find a "Update Automatically" setting. I am talking about ESET File Security For Linux. In Setup you can select "Update", and then there are options under "Basic", as well as more options under "Primary Server" and "Secondary Server". Where shall I set the path to the update files?
  4. Hi Marcos! Thank you for your reply, I am using the mirror tool. After I have downloaded an offline repo with help of the Mirror tool, how do I update ESET File Security for Linux? On Microsoft servers and ESET Endpoint for windows, one can simply select the "Allow module updates from removable media" option in set-up and then mount the offline repo. How would I do something similar for ESET File Security for Linux?
  5. In ESET Endpoint and ESET for Microsoft servers there is an option to "Allow module updates from removable media", is there something similar for ESET File Security for Linux? Thanks in advance
  6. I am trying to create an offline repository with the updated mirror tool, but the process never finishes:
  7. @Rami M Where can one download the new mirror tool? I can no longer find it here: https://www.eset.com/int/business/download/eset-protect/#standalone
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