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  1. Hello, I'm using ESET NOD32 Linux 4.0.81 on Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop. Every week, I run an automatic in-depth scan; the issue is that when it runs, almost nothing else can be done on the (multi-task) system because ESET monopolizes almost 100% of HDD I/O. There are 3 ways I can think of to solve that issue: 1) provide a STOP/PAUSE feature 2) provide the ability to scan only when the system is idle 2) provide the ability to limit the % of allowed HDD/SSD IOPS (or whatever other media ESET is scanning), although I doubt it can be done on Linux desktop. I feel the first 2 are almost compulsory for a modern AntiVirus software and are already available on many other similar softwares. Regards. Jean-Christophe
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