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  1. I did my tests while writing results with micro SD and Camcorder yesterday. With full protection, or partial protection, there is no difference on MicroSD, exploring and copying are at normal speed (I do not know the micro SD class I have) There is no difference too with camcorder between full protection and partial, this is slow, in both cases. As we saw earlier that the bad guy was the "device control", and as this is not the parameter Marcos said me to switch off, then the results was predictable I agree on the camcorder, maybe somthing special with it, I formated it a
  2. Hello Did some more tests, as you asked me to So, this slow down does not occur on other external devices, tested on 3 Hard drives (NTFS/FAT32), and a USB to µSD adapter with 4GB µSD formated in FAT32, as the camcorder is too. I paused the permanent protection to copy the whole DCIM folder and all its subfolders and pictures onto the µSD After that, I unplugged both the camcorder and the µSD. Then, I plugged on another USB port the µSD again, and proceeded as I normaly do with the camcorder, "scan later" in ESS dialbox, and "open directory" in windows dialbox, then exploring the
  3. Hello Still nod dead, and found enough time to do tests twice : So, as you asked : Deactivate only "Scan on file open"=> Takes around 05 seconds to go to one photo to another one when viewed directly on camcorder => Reaches 20 Mo/sec when copy/paste a photo directory from camcorder to computer Deactivate only "Scan on file creation" Deactivate only "Scan on file execution" => Same results for both cases : => Takes 25 seconds to go to one photo to another one => Reaches 400 Ko/s in copy Deactivate only "Media to scan: Device control"=> Instant opening of ph
  4. Hello I finally found enough time to do your test test procedure Tests conditions were : Offline computer Reboot after each change for "HIPS" and "Removable media" settings changes Camcorder turned off and USB cable disconnected after each try Procedure : => Computer placed in condition (reboot included if needed) => Usb cable connection => Camcorder "ON" => Windows dialbox : "open directory" / Eset dialbox : "analyse another time" => Navigate to DCIM subfolders => Copy of one of DCIM subfolder onto computer Here are the results for each try, I tested
  5. Ok, I read, read, read, and finally understand what you mean in your previous post, I will try this tomorrow, I am done for today, good night, and thank you for your help and patience
  6. Test suite : So, with previous setting turned ON (and a computer restart) => "ask me what to do when removable media inserted" : I plugged the camcorder (containing photos and videos), and as before. Slow, and NOD does nothing : Accessing a pics folder : Slowwww And NOD doing nothing I do not understand this : Marcos, post#15 : "Please narrow it down by temporarily disabling "Removable media access" box in the real-time protection setup, real-time protection as such and HIPS, one by one. To disable HIPS effectively, a computer restart will be required.
  7. Ok, so, I plugged some devices, 2x HDD, 1 usb/micro SD adapter with SD onto it. Each time, ESET did not asked anything, and no scan launched. Strange, I remember ESET asked me what to do with external device, earlier, and now, nothing, nothing is done But, I searched why in settings, and settings menus, and found this : "Action to do when amovible media inserted" was unticked, so I suppose none of the two options were executed, no automatic scan, and no popup to choose what to do. Marcos was right in the post #11, I will tick the box and ask actions to do, as I remember how it
  8. Sorry, For question 1, yes, ESET asks me what to do when I plug external devices, I would like to verify that too this afternoon cause sometimes a scan is running even if I choose "scan later", when I work on my usb keys or HDD I always report scans. But I know sometimes I have to stop manually running scan. For question 2, yes of course, but I will have to fill a bit the camcorder HDD first, as I do not have the same issue with any other device.
  9. I am sure at 90% that ESS does not launch scan on camcorder when plugging it on computer, BUT, access to pics folders is slow anyway, and transfers go at 550ko/s max. Videos folder is fastly accessed, not involved, transfers of videos from camcorder to computer are fast too. But, if I pause ESS with notification icon menu "permanent protection" disabled "until next restart", then pics folder is accessed fastly, miniatures are shown instantly, and transfers go fast. I will test this after work, and after taking a lot of shots first
  10. I agree this forum has a upload feature easier to use I thought No other problems than the one which brings me here Checkbox unticked, so no automatic action
  11. Ok, so, I plugged the camcorder again As I mentionned before, nothing happens with ESS, no pop-up, no scan (maybe because I formated drive recently and there is nothing on it to scan ) But, maybe some clues with these pics : Here is the camcorder as it appears on "My computer" Properties on the camcorder "drive" I see another device "Matshita", seems to be the card reader of the camcorder, but as I do not have card in slot, drive does not appear in "My computer", never a card was inserted in the slot, so I am sure this is a not a "missing device" problem Also, in dr
  12. Hello, For the link yes, I copied/pasted the previous one but forgot to modify it after writing my text. Link modified after, maybe when you were answering ... So, as I said before, the peripheral control is disabled, as default. Also, when I plug an external HDD or USB key, ESS launches by its own a scan on the device (that is cool), but, on the camcorder (wich is considered as a amovible disk with read-only rights) ESS does not launches anything. Maybe this is the read-only status of the device which is my problem with ESS ? And for the forum upload form, I tried posting images w
  13. Ok, this other ? For peripherals ? Is unchecked too. hxxp://geminisam.free.fr/Images/Divers/ESS03.jpg I think I will wait further updates from ESS, maybe the next version will resolve the matter. When I was under Eset V5 I did not have slow downs on accessing my camcorder. So maybe the V8 will not too Thanks anyway for help
  14. Ok seen, But only a box to automatise or not actions to do when media inserted, unticked by default hxxp://geminisam.free.fr/Images/Divers/ESS02.jpg
  15. Hello, thanks for answers Can you describe the way you go to this setting in setup menu ? (cause mine is in french ) I use defaults settings on ESS Do you mean the upper right box here ticked ? hxxp://geminisam.free.fr/Images/Divers/ESS01.jpg If I deactivate this, my computer may be vulnerable if I plug external HDD and usb keys, right ?
  16. Hello I searched on this forum if the problem that bring me here was already talked about, but did not find. So, my problem is that with Eset Smart Security (up to date) active, on my W7 64b home, I have a very very strong slow down in accessing pictures on external peripheral (camcorder : panasonic HDC HS700) : transfers go at 500 KBytes/s, and it takes about 15 secondes to show one picture. This does not occur with videos recorded with camcorder too. Transfers go to 12MBytes/s, and I can read videos directly from computer to the camcorder. When I temporary desactivate E
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