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    fish gave kudos to MartinK in Duplicate Names Being Auto Assigned to A Folder   
    From provided description it seems to be as an expected behavior of "Automatically pair found computers" functionality. There are more details in linked documentation -> in case of on-premise management console, functionality can be disabled in settings:

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    fish gave kudos to rekun in ESET Endpoint Security v8.1.2037.2 Release   
    When using the auto update feature, the upgrade is first applied at reboot, so it will continue to be fully protected by the old version until you eventually reboot the device which is then upgraded
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    fish gave kudos to MichalJ in Sort By Management Agent Version   
    Hello, recommended approach would be to use the dashboard / reporting functionality for it.
    You can navigate to the tab "ESET applications", where you can see which are outdated and even list count of all outdated versions. Then you can initiate upgrade by "one click" from there, for a particular version, you seek to upgrade to a newest version.
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    fish received kudos from Aryeh Goretsky in Why does a shutdown-startup not count as a reboot for after a ESET Endpoint Security update   
    As Marcos said above, it's more of a hibernation/deep sleep with default Windows settings.
    Control Panel>Change to Large/Small Icons>Power Options>Choose What Power Buttons Do
    From here change the Power Button to Shut Down if not already, then as Marcos said Turn off Fast Startup.
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